The Future of ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2

Within the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed a few changes in several MMO’s. And like it or not, most of the changes were not good. While this article mainly focus’s on ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2, I’ll also try to discuss events and changes taken place in several MMO’s. Now as a fair warning: I have not played some of these MMO’s so if I manage to get something wrong, please inform me.


Guild Wars 2 Beta: First Impressions

Since the servers are currently down I figure I would write a quick review regarding my experiences in the first “Open Beta” of Guild Wars 2. And I’m going to be as NEGATIVE as possible considering how much of a fan boy I am.

The character creation screen was really nice, I made a Charr Male Warrior and a Human Female Necromancer. The Charr looks simply bad ass, but walking around the Black Citadel one thing that stood out to me was every single tail of the Charr was on a swing timer and swung at the exact time.. It was kinda annoying. The human is gorgeous of course, but also looks too perfect, i was hoping to see more hair styles returning from the original Guild Wars, and more styles in general. But I was still able to create a character that simply put, was my own. I’m hoping more styles will be added later, or even cash shopped. I’ve mainly played as the Necro, the warrior I found kind of boring, granted, level two isn’t expected to be OMG WOW. But the first large battle as a Charr was easy, and didn’t look as glorious swinging at a stone block. Combat at times can be slow, and I seem to spam 1 like mad since with every weapon, it has such a low recast time. But you are definitely able to strategically play the game. And times it’s intense, but at times, kinda slow. Without the weapon swapping, I would not enjoy the combat.


GWEN’s MS Toga Challenge!

A video of GWEN’s MS Toga Party. The challenge I offered the Guild Wars community was if I received 500 whispers saying “TOGA!” I would donate $1 for each whisper. Well the GW community said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” And they spammed me ALL DAY even AFTER I received 500 whispers! It was simply amazing!


My First Skydive!

I’m a little late on posting this, but here is the video from my first Skydive from my friends at SkydiveNM.net. It was a Tandem Jump and I fell at 15,320 ft above sea level and 10,320 feet about the ground that approaching ever so fast. At a top speed of 155MPH, average speed of 142MPH and a free fall of the best damn 34 seconds of my lifes. Just like my first time in.. well.. you know.. :P 


10 Things to expect in Guild Wars 2: A Guild Wars Perspective.

Please go to DragonSeason.com, I wrote this article for them. Any comments are appreciated here, but I would recommend posting anything there. Thank You!


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