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Guild Wars 2 Beta: First Impressions

Since the servers are currently down I figure I would write a quick review regarding my experiences in the first “Open Beta” of Guild Wars 2. And I’m going to be as NEGATIVE as possible considering how much of a fan boy I am.

The character creation screen was really nice, I made a Charr Male Warrior and a Human Female Necromancer. The Charr looks simply bad ass, but walking around the Black Citadel one thing that stood out to me was every single tail of the Charr was on a swing timer and swung at the exact time.. It was kinda annoying. The human is gorgeous of course, but also looks too perfect, i was hoping to see more hair styles returning from the original Guild Wars, and more styles in general. But I was still able to create a character that simply put, was my own. I’m hoping more styles will be added later, or even cash shopped. I’ve mainly played as the Necro, the warrior I found kind of boring, granted, level two isn’t expected to be OMG WOW. But the first large battle as a Charr was easy, and didn’t look as glorious swinging at a stone block. Combat at times can be slow, and I seem to spam 1 like mad since with every weapon, it has such a low recast time. But you are definitely able to strategically play the game. And times it’s intense, but at times, kinda slow. Without the weapon swapping, I would not enjoy the combat.

Walking around Divinity’s Reach is simply gorgeous. Everything looks amazing, but the amount of “hey hey hey!” and a couple of other looped sounds are getting annoying. Listening to a lot of the NPC’s talk is hilarious though, and there is a tremendous amount of funny moments just standing idle in the city. Travelling in Lions Arch was fun, and exploring underwater you could see more of the old LA, Like were Sergio the skill trainer used to be. But when I moved my over-sized Charr over there, walking around tight walkways was annoying, I wish there was a first person view in the game. I hate the fact that I have to see my character at all times.

One large complaint that I have is I don’t see a way to exit to the character selection screen, IF there is a way and I’m just not seeing it, let me know. But I figure this would be a available by now. Plus, the character selection screen is kind of bland in comparison to the artistic style they took with so much of the game. I was honestly expecting more creative backgrounds for either class or race.

Lastly I’m hearing a lot of bitching about server lag, disconnects, and server queue’s. Honestly, I’m not having a huge problem with any of that AT ALL.
Yeah there has been some lag, DC’s, and I keep getting pushed off into the overflow server, but I’m able to CONSTANTLY PLAY. That is a very nice thing.. because this is the absolute most fun I’ve had leveling 1-17 in any MMORPG. WoW was horrible.. once I hit Westfall as human, I wanted to quit. SWTOR was horrible, it felt grindy and i hated that within 1 hour I was saying “LFG” in General Chat. In Rift I actually had a little bit of fun, but it seemed so cut and paste I couldn’t get past it.

With the short amount of time I spent in this Beta, I can tell you I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun, I’m enjoying the moderate pace, the fluid transitioning, and these dynamic event’s are just awesome. I’ve heard many people state “Some are awesome! Some suck..” But honestly, I’ll take the shitty one’s from going to a NPC with a ! over it’s head telling me to go collect, kill, or escort something. You can tell they have NOT finished up polishing. At all. There are still several things they have yet to fix, or work on. But considering how much they already have.. This beta looks polished compared to releases of other games.

I’m definitely not disappointed one bit and I cannot wait to waste my life playing this game.
Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’ll upload screenshots later tonight! :D

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  1. Jared says:

    I agree with just about everything. Well said.

    It’s the funnest game I’ve played in quite awhile.

    Only problem is I have a bunch of games I really don’t feel like playing now. Just going to pine over GW2 until release, or at least the next beta weekend. Of course I think I’m just a bit bored with most types of games. I’ve been wanting an MMO, but nothing else is appealing to me. Especially not panda land and several other wow clones.

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