This website is of no importance to be honest. I’ve always enjoyed web design, and while this design was a WordPress template I still spent a lot of time working on it. It’s a place I can be me, where I can connect with others, where I can express myself. I use it for various purposes, and I rarely update it. However it is used for the things I do in my every day life! I use it for the adventures I’ve had and adventured I’m going to have. I use it for my hobbies, which vary greatly. Cycling, Photography, Programming, Linux, Gaming, Hiking, Climbing and so on. I have plenty of hobbies, and I’m always interested in having more!

I even use this site for a professional level. Yes, I’ll be maintaining an interactive resume and allowing my future employers know all about me. I am a amatuer photographer, a decent gamer, and a nice guy who loves cycling, video games and craft beer.

My Photography

Enchanting Views is my try at Photography. I’m not a professional photographer, and will not claim to be. But I do get the opportunity to travel New Mexico through my hiking and camping trips and with work. I’ve seen a lot of this great state through every season and every day. It’s a very diverse state with some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. But sometime’s they are just hard to find.. So my point in my photography is to bring you what New Mexico looks like through my eyes and my camera lens. I try not use Photoshop, if I do it’s for touch ups or for educational purposes. I generally stopped editing the image so much that it no longer resembles what you see in real life. What I want to bring you is exactly how this beautiful state looks, because it doesn’t need Photoshop. I haven’t kept up with this site, but when I can get around to having a free weekend, I plan on updating my trips.

On Gaming

I love video games. I have played all my life, my babysitter was the Atari, NES or whatever gaming console or computer we had. To me, video games were an interactive book. A way to step back and see a new world. I’ve never been a great player, I play for fun and a way to relax and unwind. I’ve played a lot of games throughout the years and I will always remember playing Super Mario Bros. with my family, and I also remember playing games in somewhat competitive levels. I have friends in the gaming community, ArenaNet specifically. They’ve developed the games Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2. If I was able, I would gladly work for them, but my career path never lead me into gaming development. As fun as it is, I prefer the fun of coding, tinkering, and scripting. While not a video game, I think the game I’ve enjoyed the most is Chess. I’ve played it since I was a child when my Dad taught me how, and I continue to play to as often as I can.

Within my blog I’ll show you as much as I can, from MMO’s, FPS games, Strategy, to even Chess. I hope that my videos, articles, and knowledge (or lack thereof) will be interesting and helpful. If you ever have any questions regarding any game, please feel free to ask me and I’ll gladly answer your questions.

I am a official Writer for a great Greek Gaming Community called Dragon Season. To check out my articles, check out and under “Blog” read “The Crimson Chapter”