If you are here you were most likely pressured by me to make you read my damn blog page and you already know about me. If not, My name is Daniel, or in the Gaming World, Crimson. I’m a standard guy on a raw food diet that drives around New Mexico taking pictures, playing entirely way to many games when I’m not workings.

My main goal on this site is to be a personal blog I can bitch, vent, and complain about. As well as get feedback from friends and travelers alike. I am be all means, not a good writer. I will most likely have run on sentences, bad abbreviations, a lot of acroynyms, etc etc etc. (see what i just did thare?) :D Oh yeah.. I use that smiley face a lot. Not the standard :) face, that one sucks.. there is a D for Daniel in MY smiley face. :D And you will NEVER see me put that retarded new age (: smile in my blogs. OLD SKOOL FTW.

Okay.. back to the good stuff. I am a amatuer photographer, a decent gamer, and a nice guy. :D Or so I’m told. I’ll be posting my adventures in the gaming world; Namely Solo FPS Games and MMORPG’s primarily focusing on Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, and a few things regarding World of Warcraft. I did play it for some time. My adventures will also be here in New Mexico but most of that can be seen on EV. So, that’s about it! I hope to see you on here more often!

My Photography

Enchanting Views is my try at Photography. I’m not a professional photographer, and will not claim to be. But I do get the opportunity to travel New Mexico through my hiking and camping trips and with work. I see a lot of this great state through every season and every day. It’s a very diverse state with some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. But sometime’s they are just hard to find.. So my point in my photography is to bring you what New Mexico looks like through my eyes and the lens of both my Android cell phone and my Canon Rebel XS. I do use Photoshop occasionally to do some touch ups, but I do not edit the image so much that it no longer resembles what you see in real life. What I want to bring you is exactly how this beautiful state looks, because it doens’t need photoshop.

On Gaming

I love video games. I have played all my life, my babysitter was the Atari, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc etc.. To me, video games were an interactive book. A way to step back and see a new world. I was never an amazing player I’ll admit that at least.. If you play me Street Fighter, I’ll probably get my ass handed to me, same goes for FPS games now a days. I haven’t kept up with many games for a long time now. At one point in my life I was in a competitive clan called Venom Stats on Counter-Strike: Source on the Cyber Athletic League. We were ranked pretty high, but all good things eventually come to an end. I would burn through games so fast on the weekends, I would often find myself spending $60+ a week for 10 hours (if lucky) of game play. So I was hooked on CS:S, and eventually wanted to play RPG’s again. So I bought Guild Wars, and loved the hell out of it. Still do. But time goes on and eventually I gave into the most popular MMO on the market today: World of Warcraft. I became a hardcore raider and completely stopped playing other games. But I definately became more in-tuned with the gaming world. So I try to balance my gaming life by playing all games, and remembering what it was like when I was a kid to just relax, kick back, and see a new world.

Within my blog I’ll show you as much as I can, from MMO’s, FPS games, Strategy, to even Chess. I hope that my videos, articles, and knowledge (or lack thereof) will be interesting and helpful. If you ever have any questions regarding any game, please feel free to ask me and I’ll gladly answer your questions.

I will be posting a lot of gaming related stuff here that varies from Chess, FPS games, to MMO’s. Most notably it will probably be regarding Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I am a official Writer for a great Greek Gaming Community called Dragon Season. To check out my articles, check out DragonSeason.com and under “Blog” read “The Crimson Chapter”

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