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An experimental error in proper bottling.

This is my first true batch of beer I’ve brewed myself, I’ve helped out with my brother a couple of times, so I’m still a novice and a learner of this art. However one thing that I’ve learned is to always learn from your mistakes. After I finished brewing my first batch, a British Pale Ale. I was about 24 bottles in he walked by and noticed that I wasn’t filing the beer into the bottles properly. I bottled them until the Rim or the Collar of the bottle, not to the lip. Leaving a slight amount of room, I was told that this small difference can effect the amount of carbonation to occur during the bottling process.

Below are 2 of my Pale Ale’s in standard bottles. They were chilled to 41° F, poured at exactly 45° initially then slowly raised to meet the level of beer being poured into the glass. I did my absolute best to maintain the pours to be exact of each other. Time spent being poured, angle, bottle pitch and level, glass cleanliness, aiming point for the beer to be initially poured at, and resting time were all set to be as close as possible to each other to ensure that I’d have as little error as possible.

First we have the image of how the beer originally looked inside the bottles so you can see the level in which I bottled them in:

First poured was the left bottle, this being the one in which was filled until the Rim/Collar of the bottle. In theory the carbonation levels should be higher due to the increased amount of free space inside the bottle.

A lot of head was given, and the flavor was different than the other, and not for the better. It had a great aroma too it, the head was quiet delicious but wasn’t as smooth. The beer itself was a bit more bitter and didn’t have as good as an initial taste too it.

Next, the bottle on the right, which was filled til the very lip of the bottle, nearing flowing over during the filling.

On this beer the aroma was the same, the head just as delicious and was much much smoother and even creamier than the other. The beer also had more body and the taste lingered longer. There was a slightly noticeable difference between the two.

Now after 1 minute of sitting the two of them side by side and difference between the two.

In conclusion, I messed up. I’m glad I was able to take something from this mess up and learn from it. More importantly though I’m happy I was able to see the different results on the filling levels. While I go through the batch, I’ll be attempting this same experiment with my beer being closer to warm temperature and in a different bottle. But from what I’ve seen so far, the results are about the same. Regarding the taste of the beer, I’ll be honest. I don’t like it. I expected better, and it’s a rather dull beer with little flavor. Perhaps I messed up somewhere along the line, looking over my notes I don’t think I used the proper amount of water salts and I am unsure of the hard water levels of the bottled water I got. The complete recipe is as follows:

3lbs British 2-row Pale Ale malt.
8 oz. Crystal 60L malt
3.3 lbs Munton’s Light Malt Extract
1 1/2 oz Kent Golding hops
1/2 oz Northern Brewer hops
1/2 oz Fuggle hops
1/2 tsp Irish Moss
2 tsp Burton Water Salts (I believe I used 1 tsp. This may of been a error)
1 pkg Nottingham yeast
5 oz. Dextrose.

Next up, perhaps a stout. =)

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


I’m moving on.

I’m officially giving up on the Around The World ArenaNet Thank You card.

I planned this to get to ArenaNet at the one year anniversary mark of Guild Wars 2 release. Sadly, at several locations around the way it got held up. Currently, it is sitting in an undisclosed location with someone that unfriended me from all social media platforms over an unrelated event with my previous and dearly missed guild. The guild and I had a falling out however that is not the reasoning behind this decision, nor is it the reasoning for the delay in the card. From the last we spoke, the person who last had the card was very busy with life and just moved to a new location, it’s understandable to of forgotten the card however it shouldn’t be my responsibility to nudge people on performing a deed they previously agreed too. By all means, if the card get’s out and about again I will not say no to it going to the locations of the other people who wished to sign the card, but I am no longer going to maintain the post or the Google Document anymore as prior attempts to get the card on the go have proved to be futile. I will be revamping my website and discontinuing any ideas upon making this a gaming related website. I never had the time to fulfill that task with my previous occupation and now that I do, I’m focusing my life, fitness, education and my career. Any further gaming related posts I will have on Dragon Season’s website Under “The Crimson Chapter”

To those who aided in sending the card to others I am so terribly sorry you had to waste time and money, I know your pain. Not the pain of losing money so much as the fact that we all had a vision and a goal to want to make this happen and it continually hit hiccups along the way. It was a great idea, and I appreciate every single one of you for your support and help in doing what we have already accomplished. From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank You. To my former Guild Mates, to my current friends, and everyone whom I have meet through Guild Wars, you have all been amazing. I will continue to be as I have been the last few months. I’ll be around but I cannot make gaming a priority in my life, to be honest I’m afraid I will loose my focus at the most important time of my life. I need to stay strong and continue with my dreams and ambitions. If there is ever an event, please, feel free to tell me. I will gladly help out where I can. I also look forward to writing at least 2 more articles for Dragon Season and for a dear friend here soon that are all gaming related. I’ll be around, I’ll never give up the friends that I’ve made, but the more time keeps ticking away, the more I need to focus on my life.


The Around the World ArenaNet Thank You Card!

##### UPDATE – PLEASE READ #####
There has been some confusion in this, so just to clarify: There will be 1 Poster being sent out, and it will stay in the US, then go to Canada, then oversea’s to Europe. This will not arrive to ArenaNet on August 28th but we do want it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
This is being sent through FedEx, and in order for this to work you MUST TRUST AT LEAST ONE PERSON WITH YOUR ADDRESS OR P.O. BOX. If you are not comfortable with that, Let me know and we can find at least one person near you that you are fine giving your address too OR we will take you off the List (link provided below). You must also pay for postage, for some this will be higher than others, with that in mind, I will help out in any way I can to make sure you can send it to the next person. Just know that I’m not rich. :P I know some people will have to pay higher postage that others and I wish that wouldn’t be the case, but I think we can all manage. It’s for a good reason after all!
##### End Update #####

So earlier today I was thinking about how awesome the team at ArenaNet has been, not only in making a great game, but just being great people. They truly care about their fans and it’s always nice having the opportunity to play with them in game, as some have done during the Beta Weekend Events, and simply striking a random conversation with them. Every member of ArenaNet has given 100% to making Guild Wars 2 come to life, it’s with this that I want to create a Thank You Card for ArenaNet, that will travel around the world and finally be sent to ArenaNet. Hopefully around 8-28-12, but realistically, sending one card around America, to Canada, to Europe, to Greece, to Germany, and where ever else it can go is most likely impossible.

So here is the game plan. I will compose a list of people who wish to participate in this, and give it until July 27th to get as many people as possible to sign up for it. Once that happens I will create a large-ish card and send it to a person on July 28th (We can release stuff on the 28th too! ;D ) then that person will sign it and send it to another person, and another and another. It will remain in United States til everyone here has signed it then be shipped out to Canada, the last person in Canada to sign it will be Malibu Barbie of the “Gaming World Entertainment Network” From there, it will be shipped overseas and end in Greece with Tilion from Dragon Season. From there, it will be sent to ArenaNet to give to them.

Please understand that you will have to pay for Shipping and Handling and you will have to trust at least one person with your Address or P.O. Box. Depending on where you are at, and where you are shipping it, it could be more expensive, but I wouldn’t imagine sending a 12×12 inch (estimate, will probably be larger) card to be incredibly expensive regardless where it goes. If it does become expensive, let me know and I’ll try to help out by wiring some money or something.

You will be responsible for signing the package and sending it safely on it’s way in a timely manner. If you receive the card and it sits at your house for weeks, we will all be pissed at you. After you send the card, get on twitter and post:

“#ArenaNetTYCard sent from (Your City/State/Country) to (City/State/Country)!”

And include a Tracking Number -IF- available. Notify Me (@Crimson342, or when you have received and sent it so we can better track it’s progress.

Please do not take up too much space on the card! No need to write a short story on the card, nor sell off your guild, website, business, etc etc.. You can add your Guild info, twitter info and what not.. but keep it clean and minimal. You don’t have to add a message to the card, a signature will be just fine as well! We want everyone to have space to sign it without adding extra sheets to the card.

You guys are LEGENDARY!
-Daniel Miller

No adding anything to package either, keep it lightweight, people from other countries will be shipping this and will hate you for adding your 10 page resume to send to ArenaNet! :)

The goal is NOT to get it to ArenaNet by August 28th, but as soon as possible with as many people signing it as possible. If you have real life friends looking forward to Guild Wars 2, let them sign it too! I would love to see over 100 signatures on it! So get as many people as you know to sign up so I can prepare the right card to send!

Now for the design of the card:

Since this is NOT official yet, Let me know if you have any idea’s to change/improve the card. We can change the card design to whatever pleases everyone.

To Sign Up, Please go to:


The Future of ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2

Within the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed a few changes in several MMO’s. And like it or not, most of the changes were not good. While this article mainly focus’s on ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2, I’ll also try to discuss events and changes taken place in several MMO’s. Now as a fair warning: I have not played some of these MMO’s so if I manage to get something wrong, please inform me.


Religion, Beliefs, and Morality.

Upon my decision to write this, I’ve come to understand certain inevitable facts. The facts that my family may read this and may be horrible and leave them upset and heart broken, that I could receive hate mail and death threats, or I could be ridiculed beyond belief (pun intended). Even simply being looked down upon among peers is rather heavy on the heart. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but I’m well aware I may.

In today’s society it seems as if we are constantly at war with being our self, the world just doesn’t want us to be who we are. Just shut up and do as you are told, with out question. We still battle racism daily, and people seem to think that since we elected Obama into office we are fine and past racism. But anyone who’s ever worked in law enforcement, at a jail, or simply has common sense knows that racism is still a very very real thing. In prisons and jails it’s easy to see how people react with each other based on their race. White people stick with white people, Hispanics with Hispanics, Blacks with Blacks, etc etc.. They will band together, largely for the instinctual aspect of survivalism. Basic common sense would state that if a person of color end up in jail, he probably shouldn’t walk into the cell of the Arian Brotherhood Gang. For some reason there is this unknown hate of a person simply because of who they are. At times Media may mistake many civilized peoples words as a racist statement when in reality, it was never intended to be. But the simple fact that we always here so much about racism shows just how much it’s in our daily lives, and for many people, they may never see the horrible atrocities that happen because of a persons race.

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