• 5 Nov 2011 0
    10 Things to do at a Hotel.

    And now.. For your entertainment purposes.. 10 things to do at a hotel!!
    Why 10? cuz “Top 10 List” seem to do well… so :P

    After hoping your key works and this is the proper room and your not going to walk in to someone, place your baggage down, unpack the necessity’s and make sure you got everything, commence by jumping on the bed and finding the remote and (It start’s now)

    10. Flip through the channels constantly. Realizing that the only thing good on is on Telemundo or another spanish channel. Flip through again to find a movie on you like.. only to find out it’s on a different spanish channel. Switch to the weather and say “well shit.. better start winterizing the house!” Then switch back to the spanish channel and convince yourself you can understand it.