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My First Skydive!

I’m a little late on posting this, but here is the video from my first Skydive from my friends at It was a Tandem Jump and I fell at 15,320 ft above sea level and 10,320 feet about the ground that approaching ever so fast. At a top speed of 155MPH, average speed of 142MPH and a free fall of the best damn 34 seconds of my lifes. Just like my first time in.. well.. you know.. :P 


Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

What do you guys think of my new Timeline cover for Facebook?? Took me like.. 10 minutes.. Yay for somewhat knowing photoshop!!


10 Things to expect in Guild Wars 2: A Guild Wars Perspective.

Please go to, I wrote this article for them. Any comments are appreciated here, but I would recommend posting anything there. Thank You!


My Name is Daniel, or in the Gaming World: Crimson342. I’ve played games as long as I can remember, From Crisis Mountain on the Apple II GS, Adventure on Atari, and thousands of games since the Nintendo Entertainment System. I used to play competitively in FPS games, and have always had a strong love for RPG games. I can’t count how many times I’ve played Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana or the Final Fantasy series. One game got me hooked to PC gaming however, Wizardry. My Dad played it, and in turn got me and my brother hooked on it, Meanwhile my Mom loved Mario and her all time favorite game to this day is Sonic The Hedgehog.


10 Things to do at a Hotel.

And now.. For your entertainment purposes.. 10 things to do at a hotel!!
Why 10? cuz “Top 10 List” seem to do well… so :P

After hoping your key works and this is the proper room and your not going to walk in to someone, place your baggage down, unpack the necessity’s and make sure you got everything, commence by jumping on the bed and finding the remote and (It start’s now)

10. Flip through the channels constantly. Realizing that the only thing good on is on Telemundo or another spanish channel. Flip through again to find a movie on you like.. only to find out it’s on a different spanish channel. Switch to the weather and say “well shit.. better start winterizing the house!” Then switch back to the spanish channel and convince yourself you can understand it.


My Return to Guild Wars

Guild Wars was the first MMORPG I’ve played.. Or CORPG as they refer it too. So I have some favoritism. I never thought I would get into MMO’s, but I always loved RPG’s. So I was hesitant to even try Guild Wars, but I bought it and played it anyways. I was amazed by the depth of the game and the graphics captivated me. I was eager to play and explore the world, though I did it alone. Eventually I joined a guild with some friends after having issues trying to finish a dungeon that was early in the game. From then I really became far more interested in the game, as most people do in MMO’s. Something about the social aspect becomes addictive. The Guild and I finished the three (at the time) expansions, and did a few things as a guild from now and then but ultimately.. the guild disbanded. Some left to play EVE, some left for personal reasons, and a good handful left to World of Warcraft.

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